A household brand in India since 1972, Neelam Stainless Steel specialises in myriad kitchen sets. Our story dates back to a time when we manufactured aluminium cookware for Indian homes. Then, came the big switch to stainless steel, after which we never looked back. Along the
way, we added many ‘firsts’ to our bucket of success; first to build a brand for steel, first to talk about Salem Steel, first to launch dinner sets and travel sets!

As a young salesperson working in a kitchenware store, Premjibhai nurtured the desire to set up his own business. He credits his brother Khiyashibhai, for helping him fulfil this dream, with Neelam. Not one to shy away from hard work, Premjibhai has built his business on the solid foundation of ‘cooperation’ and ‘togetherness’, both values that his mother instilled in him.

An innovator of sorts, he has always had a finger on the pulse, and offered customers the advantage of thoughtfully-designed kitchenware.

Today Neelam is recognised not just for its superior quality, but also for the values that Premjibhai continues to uphold.


Our focus going forward, is to be a sought after brand of sets in
Every Home in India, and Across the World

Become a leading brand of dinner sets by 2030 in India, and by 2050 in the world

Introduce 25 new sets each year, over the next 5 years

Become leaders in cookware, serveware and storageware, by creating innovative products and sets

OUR Values


Our relationships matter to us and we strive to take everyone along on our journey; our stakeholders, customers, dealers, distributors, vendors, etc., everyone.


We believe in ‘taking everyone along’; our customers, dealers, distributors and employees, by being their partner for life.


We are disruptive and seek to create a high impact in the marketplace with unique products and sets that enhance everyday lives, meet every kind of cooking, serving and storage need, and are convenient to use.

Honesty & Integrity

We are upright and moralistic in all our transactions, making us dependable and trustworthy in the eyes of all our stakeholders.